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What does it mean to work from the heart?

At a time of desperation and burnout, I received this question as my calling. I've spent 10 years pondering this question.

Working from the Heart is an online course that condenses a decade of insight and growth into 35 pages, and five simple practices.

At the end of all seeking, we find our peace at the heart of awareness.

The heart offers us courage, acceptance, peace, wisdom, inspiration, gratitude, patience, kindness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, faith, trust, joy, bliss, ecstasy, and unconditional love.

Working from the Heart is the practice of cultivating these qualities of the heart. It means living from our deepest truth.

This course is based on the Sedona Method. This closed beta invitation goes out to members of the worldwide Sedona Method releasing community.

Your invitation includes...

Attendance at the live recordings of five lessons that teach the core practices of Working from the Heart:

Nov 20: Push the Rest Button

Nov 27: Love Yourself Awake

Dec 04: Welcome Intuition

Dec 11: Center Yourself in Love

Dec 18: What is Your Heart's Desire?

A 35-page PDF book titled "Working from the Heart: Simple habits to activate your heart's courage, wisdom, resilience, creativity, intuitive guidance, and much more."

Participation in a dedicated WhatsApp group.

Participation in recording the five lessons of this course.

My gratitude for taking part in bringing this course to the world!

What does it mean to pay from the heart?

A course called Working from the Heart is ultimately about love.

Lester Levenson, the founder of the Sedona Method, once said:

"Love is a feelingness of givingness with no expectation of receiving for the giving."

Let's play with that idea, shall we?

First, allow me tell you what this course means to me.

I've studied the Sedona Method for 20 years. Hale Dwoskin is my first teacher, but I've also taken deep dives into the work of Dr David Hawkins, Larry Crane, Robert Adams, Eckhard Tolle, Rupert Spira, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Alan Watts, and many others.

Working from the Heart is a calling I received 10 years ago. In pursuit of an answer, I gave away all of my possessions and purchased a one-way ticket to a small island, where I worked odd jobs and spent long hours meditating in caves.

Where has this path led?

During the Pandemic, I witnessed the extent of my transformation. While those around lost their minds, I discovered deep reserves of courage, acceptance, and peace.

What does it mean to work from the heart? First came an upswell of compassion, followed by an intuitive nudge to reach out and support those in need.

And so, came a commitment to master the skill of facilitating the Sedona Method. Following that came thousands of hours supporting and serving hundreds of people.

Nearly two years have gone into writing the course materials for Working from the Heart, which included testing it on others, and myself.

I hope this gives you some sense of the time and effort I have put into creating this course, and why it matters so much to me. Pay from the heart means that I offer you this course in the spirit of giving, with no expectations.

What if you choose to pay $30?

Thank you very much!

What if you choose to pay $30,000?

Thank you very much!

Thirty dollars is the absolutely minimum required to cover costs. The price will be $297 when I launch the course to the public, early next year.

Listen to your heart, and write in the amount that feels right.

I will leave you with Lester's own words:

"The concept of possession is just the opposite of the meaning of love. In love, there is never a holding onto, a fencing in, or anything like that. Love has a sense of freeing the ones we love. When we are giving, in attitude, we want the other one to have what the other one wants.

"What we give out, must come back. The happy one is the one loving, the one giving. Blessed is the giver, because he's so much happier, if he gives from his heart."

The course has already started, but you can still take part. Upon signup, you will receive access to the previous lessons. With your emailed receipt, you will receive access to the coming lesson, as well as a link to our dedicated WhatsApp group.

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